The Role

As the key support staff for the bar and floor, Threes Brewing barbacks must have the ability to move and work efficiently in a busy environment with multiple points of sale. They are responsible for the set up and breakdown of numerous stations before and after regular service, and are expected to maintain a clean and well-stocked bar. They assist in bussing the floor and running food and drink. As a customer-facing employee, barbacks are expected to be friendly, hospitable and invested in each guest’s experience, even if they are not the direct point of contact. A good barback takes pride in the many efficiencies they create by anticipating the needs of staff and customers. Time management, organization and preparedness are the key to success.

Responsibilities include

  • Juicing
  • Prepping garnishes
  • Stocking the bar with all beverage product
  • Keeping the lowboys clean and organized
  • Filling ice bins throughout the evening
  • Cleaning and shining glassware
  • Loading and changing kegs
  • Keeping the walk-in organized
  • Keeping the dry storage area organized
  • Upkeep of all surfaces on and behind the bar
  • Bussing tables and cleaning tables
  • Cleaning and resetting cocktail equipment throughout service
  • Refilling garnishes, cocktail napkins, straws
  • Taking out trash and recycling
  • Running food and drink


  • Self-starter/can-do attitude
  • Commitment to outgoing, friendly customer service
  • Night and weekend availability
  • Interest in beer and event service a plus

*PDF Preferred