Brewery and Sales Operations Manager

The Role

As our Brewery Sales and Operations Manager, you’ll connect our production brewing business and our sales channels, designing and maintaining scalable, efficient systems. You’ll manage a wide variety of tasks that will impact the success of our business. You’ll be an expert in spreadsheets, project management, and getting things done. Some of your tasks will include:

General Operations

  • Own the brewery office operating systems, including data and information organization and analysis, processes, communication, documentation, and software
  • Liaise with accounting for all financial related matters, including issuing invoices and purchase orders between the brewery and our suppliers, distributors, and other partners
  • Oversee file management and reporting for the entire line of business
  • Help manage and analyze our brewery P&L, COGS, profit margins, pricing, and other KPIs
  • Partner with marketing department to help promote relevant initiatives


  • Work with our head brewer to optimize the brew schedule, purchase ingredients, supplies, and equipment, and maintain the brewery
  • Manage supply chain logistics and transportation
  • Responsible for purchasing all raw materials after the vendors are sourced by our head brewer
  • Administer the purchasing and inventory management for all packaging materials (kegs, cans, labels)
  • Communicate brewery information both internally across the company and with third party partners

Sales and Distribution

  • Support the director of sales on batch split allocations, pricing, and general go-to-market strategy
  • Optimize our sales systems to maximize profitability
  • Supervise inventory management for all trade merchandise
  • Help manage compliance across various government organizations and geographies
  • Oversee new item setup, including maintaining a database of UPC codes to preserve and grow relationships with big-box retailers

Those are more than a few examples. In general, as you can tell from the job title, you’ll manage brewery and sales operations.

What we’re looking for:

  • Strong data, spreadsheet, technology, and project management skills
  • Someone who is driven by a deep internal need to get things done and do great work
  • Perspective that no job is too big or small
  • Someone who needs to take ownership of their work
  • Someone who loves being organized and never forgets to do a task

What you’re looking for:

  • A big impact on a growing company
  • The opportunity to do a great job at a wide variety of tasks

What you need:

  • A demonstrable track record of success
  • A job application that shows us who you are, not just a lonely resume

If that sounds like you, apply immediately!

*PDF Preferred