Floor Manager

The Floor Manager at Threes Brewing is responsible for overseeing all front-of-house (FOH) operations in conjunction with the back-of-house (BOH) in the bar during opening, mid and closing shifts. They supervise the overall flow of the bar on a shift-by-shift basis and help service run smoothly through excellent communication skills and the dissemination and enforcement of standard operating protocols and steps of service. Key responsibilities include managing floor staff, assisting in the execution of private events and providing hospitable service with the goal of exceeding client expectations and fostering repeat business. The Floor Manager is an integral part of Threes Brewing’s front-of-house leadership team, reporting to the General Manager. As Manager on Duty, this person will work with the GM to help to maximize sales and profit through employee training, customer satisfaction, and tight operational control. Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Shift Execution ● Oversee staff arrival and subsequent set up of bar, floor and yard for service. ● Prepare and distribute register banks. ● Run pre-shift meeting and disseminate pertinent information regarding day-of happenings, menu and inventory updates, and upcoming events. ● Set atmosphere in space: select music; adjust volume and lighting throughout shift; update signage and other promotional materials. ● Oversee regular service and make sure procedures and protocols are being followed. ● Walk throughout the space with an eye toward informing and assisting our clientele, maintaining general cleanliness, and aiding staff in the execution of their duties as necessary. ● Assist with the management, set-up and breakdown of reservations, public events, and private events as needed. ● Handle customer complaints. ● Enforce sanitary practices for Department of Health requirements and inspections, general cleanliness, and maintenance of bar, dining and storage areas. ● Count cash drops and register banks as employees close out their shift. ● Update menus and POS on an as-needed basis. ● Log notes for almanac and senior management team with event and service feedback to help fine tune Threes’ processes. ● Maintain awareness and expertise regarding Threes beers, as well as all other beer, wine, liquor products that are carried in-house for the edification of staff and customers.

Operational Execution: ● Ensure safety & sanitation: Ags & Markets/DOH compliance in effect at all times. ● Ensure restaurant and bar is in complete compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. ● Manage and support Threes floor staff throughout service for continuity and efficiency. ● Observe employees to ensure the safe service of alcohol. ● Observe customers to ensure the safety of all around them. ● Enforce right practices in the Yard: no smoking, no loud music, etc.

Administrative: ● Maintain and troubleshoot of Breadcrumb POS hardware and software before and during service. ● Manage paper and POS menus, including updating, printing, archiving, etc. ● Send detailed manager log (AKA the Almanac) at the end of each shift, detailing key points from the day including revenue, beer info, attendance on events, personnel and customer details, etc.

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