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We don’t like to brag, but this is no ordinary Pilsner. It’s even won a few awards. From the Dutch for ‘minor stream’, the name is a nod to our flagship brewery in Brooklyn near the Gowanus Canal. Clean and aromatic, complex yet crisp. You don’t have to pronounce it to enjoy it.

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Vliet beer label
Vliet beer label
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VLIET Pilsner

Tasting Notes
Clean, Sweet, Hay, Herbal Hops, Verdant
Saaz, Spalter Select
German Pilsner Malt
Vliet comes from the Dutch for minor stream, which is what the Gowanus Canal would have been when New York was once called New Amsterdam. A hybrid of styles, the beer has the body of a Czech lager and the crisp balance of a German Pilsner. Pilsner began in 1842 in a small town called Plzeň, and has dominated the globe since. Vliet is our interpretation of the style.

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333 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY
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517 Clayton Rd, New York, NY
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Threes Brewing is a Brooklyn‑based brewery known for crafting approachable beers that balance simplicity and complexity, with a focus on lagers, hop‑forward American ales and mixed culture beers. In addition to selling beer in over 150 bars, restaurants and shops across New York State, Threes Brewing runs a non‑traditional tap room and event space in Gowanus, a sister bar and event space in Greenpoint, a seasonal outpost on Governors Island, in the New York Harbor, and a store with a tasting room in Huntington, Long Island.

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