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client testimonials

"We recently held our company summer happy hour at Threes Brewing and cannot recommend working with them enough!

The staff are warm, friendly and professional, and the venue, food and beverage are top quality. This is our second time choosing Threes for a private event, and we can't wait to return. Thank you to Angie and her team for an incredible experience. Cheers!"

"Was tasked with throwing an extremely last minute wrap party for 200 cast and crew for the TV show I work for. Cannot stress how taken care of I felt in the planning process and how easy it was. As someone who had never planned anything like this and only really had like 5 days to do it, Angie answered all of my questions and helped me pick out the menu and figure out the timing. Not to mention it was by far the most affordable option we looked at. Music, food, decor, and all that jazz was a quick check, check, check. Angie and the whole team were so kind and relaxed and on top of it. The vibes were truly off the chart, food was incredible (shout out to Greenpoint Fish and Lobster chefs, their catering partner), atmosphere was so cozy and gorgeous without feeling cramped. Our bartenders were incredibly kind, fun, and on top of their games, which really added to the fun of the night. People were drinking, eating, laughing, dancing and all around having a grand 'ol time. It was a massive success, and I fully owe it to the Three's team. Major love for them!"

Team Events

Fact: your all hands meeting, new hire happy hour, wrap party (and the list goes on) would be better at one of our bars. Room reservations and full buyouts available.

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Office Beer Delivery

Get door to floor delivery of cans, cases, or kegs to your office and let us bring the bar to you.


Gifts & Virtual Tastings

Send custom boxes of beer, snacks and swag to employees or clients. Want to make it a group activity? Add a tasting. We'll take care of delivery & shipping. A great option for remote teams.

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